Smiling-X Corp-Smiling-X Corp v3.7.1 MOD APK (Dumb Bot)

Smiling-X Corp-Smiling-X Corp v3.7.1 MOD APK (Dumb Bot) title=

Smiling-X Corp


How would you handle it if you woke up and your office suddenly turned into a battlefield? You will conquer that challenge right in Smiling-X: Horror and try to think of solutions. Players will be able to use weapons as well as useful features if they encounter a bad situation. At the same time, you also need to fight those ghosts to help your friends get out of that deadly trench. Every challenge will take place, and you will also find the game gives you its own interesting features.


A loud alarm went off right in your office, and the alarm system went off. Warning messages of intruders have been transmitted to you, and you must immediately go to your office. This is really strange and unusual because strangers are very eager to exploit the documents in your office. You have found that ghosts are lurking around and stealing your data.

After you arrive, a prospect appears before your eyes of information bandits. It wasn’t ghosts but masked bandits who appeared. These guys are plotting very big, and they have captured your brothers. But now you have to absolutely keep quiet because if you make a sound, you will be detected immediately. If your plan is leaked, you will not be able to extract the information, and you will ruin everything.


You have to stay calm to make the perfect rescue plan and not let those guys know. You’ll find offices that have camera monitoring systems to see what they’re up to. Use automated robots to go to the areas where they work and record their actions to report to you promptly. At the same time, you should also track down the current location of your friends to get the most effective rescue plan.

You will find essential passwords in private locations that only programmers can see, and you rely on that to decrypt them and quickly find the next secret message. There will be some messages that you will not be able to figure out how to solve or are too difficult to use the support features from Smiling-X: Horror. The game will give you specific ways to decode, and you can rely on your own ability to decode it again.


Puzzles and lines of code will not make it difficult for you because you have a logical mind. You managed to get to the area where your colleagues were being held, but you couldn’t find the key. The key is in their hands, and you must somehow get it. Fortunately, your robot is now beneficial, and you have controlled it to steal their key.

After getting it, you must immediately open the door to rescue your brothers and colleagues and then go to the office to fight them. Your force is quite large and prepared with secret weapons, and you must perform the fastest attacks and collect the necessary evidence. The next step is to hand them over to the area police to solve this case of stealing confidential information. Everyone will love you for your ability to react and think logically.

Through this, we again exploit many more specific aspects in Smiling-X: Horror. Players also have to figure out the most interesting solution and not let those ghosts know you are watching. The game uses more unique images; horror elements have promoted entirely new looks. Players are also eager to conquer the next challenge to see how much their own ability can be.


Overwhelmed with what is happening in front of you, you must regain your composure to deal with this mess.Try to go to the basements and search for any traces of your friends there and start the perfect rescue mission.Use cameras and automated tracking systems to see what those ghosts can get out of your office.Follow the tracks and secret messages; then, you must perform the decryption in the shortest time to get the rescue key.Throw away those pieces of paper and continue to receive useful support from the game if you find it too difficult.